The last few weeks have been truly blissful. From spending leisurely time with friends, to exploring new sites in Chicago, to having six-hour long cooking marathons in our kitchens, and most recently, to enjoying being with each of our families for a wonderful Father’s Day weekend—we feel sated on many levels. We are so fortunate to have these wonderful experiences spent with the people and places we love to carry us through the coming year, in which free time may be a hot commodity.

Orientation to third year begins at 8am tomorrow. While a tiny part of us would love stop time and savor this vacation period just a little longer, we are ready, excited, and a healthy bit nervous about the year ahead. After these free-flowing weeks of minisummer, it’s high time to adhere to a schedule and morph checking off items on our summer bucket list to checking off lists of things to do for our patients’ wellbeing. The privilege to take care of people is what drew us to this profession in the first place, and now we will be granted the opportunity to do so.

As it has for the past year, we hope that in the year ahead, Sugar Cured will remain an outlet for sharing our culinary creativity with you all. Posts may be less prolific, and the theme of recipes may shift from fanciful experimentation to freezer-, budget-, and time-friendly recipes, but we’re excited to continue sharing our experiences, in the kitchen and in our lives, with you.

And with that, onward to third year!

One thought on “onward

  1. Best wishes for tasty eating and healthy relaxation as you enter third year. Your future patients will benefit from having you looking out for their well-being–as you look out for your own. Happy third year! 🙂

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