(red white and)blue

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka (the Gene Wilder version, not the subpar remake, of course) when Violet Beauregard turns into a blueberry? I’ve been checking my skin for signs of purple discoloration all week, but I’m happy to report that the only change is the freckle intensification that happens every summer. I’m feeling rounder, but that’s probably because I’ve eaten my weight in blueberry desserts this week. If you are what you eat, Violet and I are destined for the same sad fate.

If you need some advice on how to use up 5 pounds of freshly picked blueberries in 5 days, I’m your girl. First, have friends who love fresh fruit and share as many as they will take off your hands. Cook up a big batch of oatmeal and eat it with blueberries and almonds and cinnamon every morning.

Make this cake for all your snacking purposes. (Recipe here: http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/07/blueberry-boy-bait/ ) I can’t vouch for its usefulness as boy bait because the girls of the bloggers’ apartments ate the whole thing with no help from the boys at all. Their loss.

Finally, and most importantly, use the balance of the berries to make Joanna’s excellent blueberry pie recipe. True, the pastry gods did not intend for pie crusts to be created on days when the heat index is >115 degrees.

But this pie is worth the trouble, pilgrim. Especially warm, a la mode, after a day at the beach, right before the fireworks start. I hope your 4th of July celebration carries right onto into the weekend!

Blueberry Pie

2 pie crusts, premade or prepared (I’ll write a post about making pastry soon. Let’s focus on the blueberries for now)

4 c fresh blueberries

3/4 c sugar

3 T cornstarch

1/4 t salt

1/2 t cinnamon

1 T butter

Preheat oven to 425. Mix berries, sugar, starch, salt, and cinnamon all together. Line pie plate with one crust and pour berry mixture in. Dot with cubes of butter. Top with a lattice or whole crust. Bake 45-50 minutes on the bottom shelf of the oven, until crust is golden.

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